New Upper Chest Muscles

First if you came here you are in the right place! Upper chest is the key for getting a square even chest, why?
Because the upper chest is a tenacious little muscle that for most people just refuses to grow. I was so close to give up but I am a tenacious little monkey myself and I didn’t give up on building a nice massive chest that starts from my neck.
There are a lot of trainers and forum advisers that will tell you that this is genetic and there is nothing to do if you don’t have the right genes, well they are WRONG!
Everyone could do it but it’s not easy as if you were gifted with incredible genes. Don’t forget that some people can’t grow their back, shoulders and even legs. And if you have those or most of those muscles fully developed you need to put more effort and focus on your chest and to be specific your upper chest!
I’ve been messing around with weights for 5 years now and I’ve done all the mistakes that I see people doing in the gym, Hell you can be motivated as a bull and develop an unbalanced body because some muscles are easy to develop and some are just not responding as much.
I’m going to dedicate this site for guys like me that having trouble developing their upper chest, but even if you have a nice upper chest you can find some useful workouts and exercises that will make your chest drop jaws.
In order to build any muscle we will need to work out, eat and rest. That is not easy as it sounds for building a great upper chest muscle because you need the right formula among these variables just like the Coca Cola formula.
I will break it down for you a little more:
Targeted Upper Chest Exercises.
Doing the Upper Chest Exercises Properly.
Weights, Sets and Rest.

Eating the Right Food at the Right Time.
Using the Right Supplements.
Drinking Water.

Balanced Rest Between Upper Chest Workouts.
Upper Chest Recovery.
Sleep to give your Upper Chest time to grow.
It may sound like a lot of trouble but it’s really don’t, you just need to put more effort on your upper chest instead of making your chest look like monster boobs if you keep putting all your time and strength at the Flat Bench Press.

Upper Chest Mass Building Exercises

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press- This Exercise is overlooked and don’t get the variety your upper chest needs. You should do this at 15,30,45,60 and 75 degrees!! When doing this at high degrees you should concentrate on your chest and avoid hitting the shoulders, When the 75 degrees done right it’s really pumps the neck/upper chest meet point.

Incline Barbell Bench Press- This Exercise is the most famous for mass building upper chest, if you were using it incorrectly your upper chest isn’t fully developed because your front shoulders are doing most of the work and getting most of the credit and most of the muscle growth. If you were using it and got no results put it aside for a while and try the other exercises.

Reverse Grip Bench Press- This NEW exercise is a great way for targeting the upper chest without the shoulders interfering in the middle, you should do it with lighter weight because you are not used to it and it’s harder than the regular incline bench press.